کد مقاله : DPP-006

K. C. Mountzouris, P. Tsirtsikos, G. Papadomichelakis, G. Schatzmayr and K. Fegeros

Three dietary combinations of probiotics and phytogenics administered sequentially or continuously were assessed for their effects on broiler performance, nutrient digestibility, caecal microbiota composition, volatile fatty acid (VFA) pattern and plasma total antioxidant capacity (TAC). One-day-old Cobb male broilers (n = 525) were allocated to five experimental treatments for 42 days. Each treatment had three replicates of 35 broilers each. Depending on the time-frame of sequential or continuous addition in the basal diet (BD) of the probiotics (108 CFU/kg BD) and phytogenics (125 mg/kg BD), experimental treatments were: control (no additions, Days 1–42); PE1, probiotic Days 1–14 and phytogenic Days 15–42; PE2, probiotic Days 1–28 and phytogenic Days 29–42; PE3,

probiotic and phytogenic continuously (Days 1–42); and A (2.5 mg avilamycin/kg diet, Days 1–42). There was no loss of probiotic viability upon mixing with the phytogenic for up to 7 days. Overall bodyweight gain was higher (P = 0.025) in the control and PE1 than PE2 and PE3, whereas Treatment A was intermediate and not different from the rest. Overall feed intake in the control was the highest (P = 0.003). Treatments PE1, PE2 and PE3 had better (P = 0.004) overall feed conversion ratio (FCR) than the control. The FCR in PE1 and PE3 did not differ from A, which had the best FCR. Mortality did not differ among treatments. Nutrient digestibility and caecal microbiota composition did not differ among treatments. However, differences (P ≤ 0.05) in caecal VFA pattern were noted, with the control having the lowest acetate molar ratio as well as the highest sum of valeric, hexanoic and heptanoic acids. Plasma TAC in the control was lower than in PE3, PE1 and PE2 at Day 14 (P < 0.001) and PE1 (P = 0.003) at Day 42. The concept of sequential or throughout probiotic and phytogenic administration showed promising results regarding feed efficiency and plasma TAC.


کد مقاله : DPP-006




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