کد مقاله : DPP-007

N. Reisinger, T. Steiner, S. Nitsch, G. Schatzmayr, and T. J. Applegate

Because of pending and current regulations, the poultry industry is searching for alternatives to growth promoting antibiotics which may include plant-derived supplements which may prevent or lessen the severity of coccidiosis. Therefore, a 2 x 2 experiment (8 pens / treatment, 26 birds / pen) was conducted with 2 doses of a coccidial vaccine (1X or 5X; Paracox® 5 administered at 1 d of age) with or without supplementation (125 g/1000 kg) with a phytogenic feed additive containing essential oils from oregano, anis and citrus peel (Biomin®P.E.P. 125 poultry). Within each pen, 13 birds received the coccidial vaccine while the remainder was naturally infected through recycling of oocytsts in the litter. One of the naturally infected birds/pen was euthanized for histological evaluation of the mid-ileum

morphology while 5/pen were collected for determination of apparent digestible energy, nitrogen, and mucin content from ileal digesta. The higher (5X) dosage of the coccidial

vaccine resulted in an 11% reduction in crypt depth (P < 0.05), but there was no effect on villius length or number of goblet cells (P > 0.05). The dosage of coccidial vaccine had no effect on the apparent digestibility of energy or nitrogen. At Paracox® 1X dosage, birds fed the phytogenic feed additive had 12% longer villi than the control fed birds (P < 0.05) with 30% more goblet cells, and 23% more goblet cells per 10 microns villius length (P < 0.05). Neither coccidial vaccine dosage nor phytogenic supplementation influenced ileal mucin content (concentration or per unit of feed intake). Birds fed the phytogenic feed additive at a Paracox® 5X dosage had 4% less apparent digestible energy (P < 0.05), however at the Paracox® 1X dosage there was no effect of the phytogenic feed additive (P > 0.05). In conclusion, the dosage of coccidial vaccine can have an influence on the crypt depth and supplementation of the diet with a phytogenic additive increased villi length and goblet cell density.


کد مقاله : DPP-007




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