کد مقاله : DPP-005

Sirvydis v., Sabalionyte R., Bobiniene R., Gruzauskas R.

The aim of the research is to investigate the influence of phytogenic preparation „Biomin P.E.P – 1000“, which is of a natural origin, on the processes of albumen metabolism in the organism of broiler chickens. Biomin P.E.P – 1000 positively stimulates the activity of the alimentary tract of broiler chickens as well as a composition of intestine micro flora, consequently that conditions better digestion of nutrient substances. 3 groups of broiler chickens were researched. The chickens of the first group were fed with the feed mixture, containing a feeding antibiotic Flavomicin-80, in the feed of the second group of chickens a feeding antibiotic Flavomicin – 80 was replaced by a dry phytogenic preparation „Biomin P.E.P–1000“, and in the drinking water of the chickens of the third group a liquid phytogenic preparation,

Biomin P.E.P-1000“was added. The results of the research showed that under the influence of „Biomin P.E.P–1000“a total amount of nucleic acids and albumen in the blood of chickens increased. It was defined that a dry phytogenic preparation Biomin P.E.P – 1000 was more effective than a liquid one. Compared to the first group, in the blood of the chickens at the age of 42 days a total amount of nucleic acids increased from 22.6% to 26.5%, and the amount of albumen increased from 12.5% to 22.6%. A phytogenic preparation „Biomin P.E.P–1000“stimulated the growth of chickens. The greatest increase of live weight was in group 2, the weight of male-chickens increased by 13.81% (P<0,001) and the weight of female-chickens increased by 7.08% (P<0,001), compared to the first group, where a feeding antibiotic Flavomicin-80 was used.


کد مقاله : DPP-005




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