کد مقاله : BIP-008

Seyed Mozafar Mehdizadeh, Abolfal Zarei, Morteza Mokhtari

Objectives:An experiment was conducted under completely randomized design to study the comparative effect of different level of feed additives such as(garlic powder and chicory powder), probiotic and antibiotic on performance, immune response, carcass characteristics and blood biochemistry of broiler chicks. Materials & Methods: 1140 thirteen day old Cobb chicks were randomly distributed into six experimental diets with three replicates (except treatment with probiotic had four replicates) with feed and water ad libitum for 22 days. The experimental diets were as follows: 1-Basal diet (without feed additives), 2- Basal diet + 1.5% garlic powder, 3- Basal diet + 1.5% chicory powder, 4- Basal diet + 1.5% garlic powder, + 1.5% chicory powder, 5- Basal diet + Antibiotic (virginiamycin) 20ppm/kg feed,

6- Basal diet + probiotic (Biomin Imbo) 0.1%, Performance of birds were such as, body weight, feed consumption and feed efficiency were recorded through out the experimental periods. At the age of 28 days, two birds rom each replicate were selected randomly and blood was collected to study the blood parameters and carcass traits. Results & Conclusion: As the result revealed, feed additives did not affect body weight through out the experimental period. Numerically, the higher and the lower body weight were observed in groups with diets containing probiotic and garlic powder respectively. The higher and the lower feed intake were in groups with basal diet and diet containing 1.5% garlic powder (p<0.05). Significantly feed efficiency were Improved by supplementing diets with medicinal plants (p<0.05). Nevertheless, best feed efficiency was observed in chicks which had diets included with probiotics. Supplementations of diets with different feed additives did not affect carcass percentages. Where as, diets supplemented with garlic and chicory powder increased breast muscles significantly (p<0.05). Chicory and antibiotics in diet reduced abdominal fat contents (p<0.05). Though, probiotic had an increasing trend on abdominal ats and cholesterol too (p<0.05).


کد مقاله : BIP-008




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