کد مقاله : BIP-007

M. Poormahmood, A. Talebi

Objectives: Susceptibility of birds to pathogenic infection in intensive husbandry system has emphasized on necessity of improvement of innate and specific immune responses of birds. Increased bacterial resistance to antibiotics has caused an interest to focus in substitute of pre-, pro- and nutro-biotics as an alternative to sub-therapeutic antibiotics. The current study investigates the effects of Biomin Imbo as a bio-symbiotic on immune responses to vaccination against IBD in broiler chickens (Ross-308). The results indicate that administration of Biomin Imbo enhanced the antibody responses to infectious bursal disease in vaccinated chickens, but the difference was not significant. Materials & Methods: One hundred eighty broiler chicks were allocated to three groups (three replicates/group): (A) vaccinated +feed containing biomin Imbo,

(B) vaccinated+feed without Biomin Imbo, and (C) control (unvaccinated+feed without Biomin Imbo). Synbiotic of biomine imbo (ETOUK, Biomine GmbH, Austria ) was supplemented in feed. Vaccination was carried out based on optimal timing of maternal antibody level on 16-days-old using D78 vaccine (Intervet) by eye-drop rout and repeated on day 24. ELISA (IDEXX kits) test was used to determine antibody titers of the samples taken on day-0 and weekly intervals. SPSS was used for analysis. Results & Conclusion: As shown in figure 1, maternal antibody titer against IBD were decreased gradually and reached to nearly breakthrough level on day 16, which vaccination took place as recommended based on Doventer s formula. Antibody titer of the chickens in both groups A and B increased by day 28 of age, while those of the chickens group C continuously decreased indicati g of uncontaminated environmental conditions. Antibody titer of vaccinated chickens in group fed with biomine imbo reached to 2325 (ELISA, IDDEX) on day 42 of age while those of group B reach to 2047 (ELISA, IDDEX) which were lower than those of group A, but the difference was not significant. Although, we did not come across with research report concerning directly on effect of biomin imbo on antibody titer against IBD, but some reports indicated that prebiotics (Oliveria et al., 2009) improve antibody responses against IBD. There are also some reports that probiotics improve antibody responses in general (Panda et al., 2000; Cross., 2002; Kabir et al., 2004). In conclusion, supplementation of Biomine imbo inhaces the immune response following vaccination but the difference is not significant.


کد مقاله : BIP-007




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