کد مقاله : DPP-009

Priudokiene, V., D. Gudaviciute

The effect of phytogenic preparation Biomin P.E.P.-1000 on the growth of chicken broilers was analysed. The active component of Biomin P.E.P.-1000 is a herbal formula consisting of phytobiotics and polyfructosans. All active substances in this preparation are of plant origin, which do not cause antibiotic resistance and do not leave residues in animal products. The investigation was carried out with broilers Cross Hibro-G at 1 - 42 days of age in Poultry Farm “Vilniaus paukštynas” and in the Research Laboratory of Biological Diversity and Technologies, Vilnius Pedagogical University. The experiment was held with three groups of broilers and every group contained 100 chickens. The chickens of the control group received antibiotic Flavomicin-80 in their diet. The chickens of the other two groups

received the same diet (the same ingredients and nutritiveness) as the control group, but antibiotic Flavomicin-80 of the second group was replaced by phytogenic preparation Biomin P.E.P.-1000 in dry powder form and the chickens of the third group received the water supplemented with liquid Biomin P.E.P.-1000. The breeding conditions were the same for all the groups. The data of the investigation lead to the conclusion that under the influence of phytogenic preparation Biomin P.E.P.-1000 the live weight of chickens of the experimental groups at the age of 42 days was higher 4.87 – 14.55 %, compared with the control group. Under the influence of this preparation the output of slaughter was 0.52 – 1.81 %, of edible parts – 1.60 - 2.15 % and the output of muscles of the experimental broilers groups was 1.52 - 2.70 % higher, compared with the control group. The chemical analyses of broilers meat showed, that under the influence of phytogenic preparation Biomin P.E.P.-1000 the amount of dry matter and albumen was found respectively by 0,17 – 0,31 % and 0,66 – 0,76 % higher in the breast muscles of male and by 0,61 – 1,53 % and 1,26 - 1,55 % higher of female chicks.


کد مقاله : DPP-009




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