کد مقاله : BSP-008

Nataliya Roth, Thomas Germ, Alfred Klimitsch, Renata Urbaityte, Sabine Nitsch

The inhibitory effect of acids on bacterial growth has long been used to preserve feed from spoilage. The use of organic acids as acidifiers for swine and poultry is also well known. In the present study the antimicrobial activities of formic and propionic acids and their combination were investigated in vitro on E.coli and Salmonella typhimurium, as these pathogens cause problems in animal production. The combination of acids was more effective than the effect of individual acids together. The reason of the synergy between organic acids blends can be the combination of acid with a low pKa, which reduces the pH of the environment of bacterial cells and acid with a high pKa and low molecular weight to ensure an antimicrobial effect inside the cell. The efficacy of the combination of formic and

propionic acid ( Biotronic® SE fort) in vivo was investigated on the performance of broilers in Center of Applied Animal Nutrition , Austria . Body weight gain (BWG) and feed conversion ratio (FCR) of broiler chicks were significantly (P˂0.001) improved by the supplementation of a blend of acids at the dosage 3 kg/t of feed.


کد مقاله : BSP-008




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