کد مقاله : BSP-005

Senkoylu, N., H. E. Samli, H. Akyürek, A. Agma

Day-old male 240 chicks of a Ross 308 strain were used to test the effects of an commercial organic acid (OA), Biotronic SE Forte, on broiler performance and gut histomorphology. OA preparation was supplemented at 3 g/kg level into starter and finisher broiler diets of standard (NRC, 1994) or lower (approximately 10%) nutrient density (ND). Thus, the experiment was set up according to 2x2 factorial design with 6 reps of 10 birds allocated in each. BWG and FCR of broiler chicks both at 21 and 35 d experimental periods were significantly (P<0.001) improved by OA supplementation regardless of the diets ND. OA supplementation increased BWG by approximately 20% in 21 and 12% in 35 d experimental periods. FCR value dropped from 1.276 to 1.105 and from 1.263 to 1.129 in the two group fed with standart or

lower ND, respectively. Proventriculus and heart weights were significantly decreased by dietary treatments too. Ileal viscosity was significantly (P<0.028) affected by ND while the viscosity in feed was significantly (P<0.035) effected by OA supplementation. Villi height was significantly (P<0.015) increased by OA supplementation both in the standart or lower ND groups. This effect was better pronounced in lower ND fed group and the rate of the increase was 20%. In the case of villi depth interaction effect was observed, while significant drop in the group fed with standart ND, only slight increase was seen in the group fed with lower ND. Organic acid supplementation consistently decreased crypt depth (from 120.1 to 113.1 and from 117.3 to 96.3 μm) irrespective of ND. No significant effect could be observed by dietary treatments with respect to thickness of ileal muscle layer.


کد مقاله : BSP-005




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