کد مقاله : BIP-003

Sinsia Bjedov, Mirjana Dukic Stojcic, Lidija Peric, Dragan Zikic, Marina Vukic Vranjes

Use of probiotics can be alternative to antibiotics which are added to food as growth stimulators. Investigation of the effect of probiotics and antibiotics was done on experimental farm ‘’Pustara’’, of the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad. Trial consisted of three groups of chickens in five repetitions. First group was control, second group received probiotic in the water and food, and third group received antibiotic in food. Final body weight was (I) 2179 g, (II) 2190 g and in group (III) 2158 g. In first group, feed conversion was 1,93, mortality 4,27% and production index had value of 257, in second group 1,90, 3,47% mortality and PI 260. In third group, conversion was 1,93, mortality 2,40%, and PI value 265. Obtained results indicate positive effect of probiotic on production results, whereas, contrary to expectations the

positive effect of antibiotics was not established.


کد مقاله : BIP-003




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